Aug 03

Initial Six Pack Contest


Welcome to the fist official six pack contest.

Here are the initial contestants in all thier natural glory.

Marcus Ben Daniel Aaron
SONY DSC Ben initial photo Daniel Initial Photo Aarons Initial Photo
  • Age:28
  • Height:191cm 6 feet 1
  • Weight: TBA
  • Age:30
  • Height:187cm 5 feet 11
  • Weight:79kg 174lb
  • Age:27
  • Height:190 6 feet
  • Weight:110kg 242lb
  • Age:25
  • Height:187cm 5 feet 11
  • Weight: 80kg 176lb

The Contest is laid out in the following terms.

  1. The Contest will last 60 days with the finishing date being the 30th of September 2013
  2. Photos will be updated weekly to show progress
  3. Each contestant has put in $100. Winner takes all
  4. The Loser has to go out on the town with the contestants dressed up as a fairy. The remaining contestants will pick outfit. The word FAIRY will also be written on their forehead. Pictures will be posted….
  5. Winner and loser is to be decided by the group. If this proves to be difficult a third party which all is agreeable on will make the final call.










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